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For a good decade now, the Westphalia-Lippe employment agency has been supporting us in the selection of our personnel.

No matter whether receptionist, industrial mechanic, painter, designer or even a manager for our company: Mr. Schäfer not only has a good knowledge of the technical requirements for our employees, but also a very good sense of who fits in well with our staff on an interpersonal level. We will continue to rely on AWL in our upcoming growth phase.

Michael Köhler

Managing Partner MKM International GmbH

We, HORA eTec GmbH, have been working with Mr. Schäfer for many years.

There are many recruitment agencies, but Mr. Schäfer and his team always succeed in finding the right candidate for the advertised position, even for the most difficult constellations. We have never been disappointed.

Mr Schäfer has a very keen sense of what skills a potential applicant needs to bring to the table. He always knows how to quickly grasp the requirements for a position and find a suitable candidate in his network.

We are TOP satisfied.

Dirk Niestrat

Managing Partner
HORA eTec GmbH

Since 2014, Arbeitsvermittlung Westfalen-Lippe has been supporting us in our search for suitable staff, both in the industrial sector (helpers and skilled workers) and in the office and administrative professions. 

Mr Schäfer's good understanding of our corporate culture and of aspects beyond the job advertisement is striking. The Westphalia-Lippe employment agency regularly succeeds in finding candidates who not only fit the job profile perfectly, but also fit in very well with our team on a personal level. In particular, we would like to emphasise the great commitment and tireless dedication, even in the case of difficult-to-fill staffing projects. 

With creative solutions and a view "beyond the end of our noses", we have often found successful solutions together.

Mike Sander

Commercial management/personnel management
Paul Henke GmbH & Co. KG

As a provider of technologically high-quality solutions in special machine and plant construction, we have a high demand for skilled workers, both in production and in the design area.

The Westphalia-Lippe employment agency supports us in this search and helps to meet this need for skilled workers.

We particularly appreciate the fact that we do not only receive personnel proposals on request, but that interesting applicants are also suggested to us by AWL on their own initiative.

Volker Wörmann

Managing Partner
sema Sytemtechnik GmbH

Dear Mr Schäfer,

For some time now, you have been successfully supporting our company in the area of personnel recruiting and have helped us to fill the vacancies in the area of design and sales with qualified mechanical engineers.

We could also count on your competent help in the production area. You always looked at the workplaces and determined the requirements, which enabled us to hire technically good employees.

We would like to thank you for the good and cooperative collaboration, which we would very much like to continue in the coming years.

Angela Dieme

Authorised signatory
ABS Armaturen GmbH

The Westphalia-Lippe employment agency is an extremely reliable partner. As a rule, we receive the first applicant proposals within an hour of the request.

The qualifications of the proposed applicants match our requirement profiles. Cooperation could hardly be more effective.

Frank Fährenkämper

Managing Director
Fährenkämper GmbH & Co. KG

For more than ten years, we have been working successfully with the Westphalia-Lippe employment agency when it comes to recruitment.

We very much appreciate that they know exactly the requirements that employees have to fulfil at our workplaces.

Through this route we have found many good employees who have been with us for many years.

This way of looking for employees is very efficient for us and saves us a lot of time, as the pre-selection and initial contacts with the applicants, as well as the arrangement of interviews, are completely handled by AWL.

J. Philipp Knübel

Managing Director
Knübel GmbH

The positions in our couch assembly are not easy to fill, as there is no separate training profession for this.

Through the Westphalia-Lippe employment agency, we have already received good employees on several occasions, who have not only quickly familiarised themselves with the tasks, but have also become a great addition to our staff on a personal level.

Marleen Lamker

Managing Director
Medical GmbH Medical technology

As an owner-managed company, we produce freely planned worktops in Löhne, Westphalia.

for the kitchen furniture industry and are regularly looking for qualified skilled personnel, especially wood mechanics and carpenters.

With AV Arbeitsvermittlung we have found a competent and constant companion in the personnel development of our company.

The personal approach, short distances, flexibility, expertise and good results characterise the cooperation with Mr Schäfer.

The cooperation has been absolutely good and smooth so far. We are happy to continue this.

Regina Danielmeyer

Managing Director
Danielmeyer GmbH & Co.KG

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