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East Africa

East Africa

East Africa Project


Cooperation agreement signed: Prof. Dr Magnus Amajirionwu, Vice-Chancellor of Nexus International University in Kampala and Jörg Schäfer, owner of Arbeitsvermittlung Westfalen-Lippe.


Cooperation contractually sealed: Prof. Dr. Robert Gateru, Vice Chancellor of Riara University (Nairobi) and Jörg Schäfer.

Project partners full of optimism: The Nexus University leadership team with the AWL representatives for East Africa at a joint meeting.

Based on our international experience and the new skilled labour immigration law announced for 2023, AWL has launched a holistic East Africa project with a special focus on labour recruitment from Kenya and Uganda.

While the German population is ageing strongly, causing problems in the labour market, Uganda and Kenya have a very young population. These young people often have very good university educations or vocational degrees, but due to the economic conditions they often end up unemployed or in underqualified jobs.

Dieses Potential möchten wir für den deutschen Arbeitsmarkt erschließen und den jungen Menschen gleichzeitig eine berufliche Karriere in Deutschland bieten. Deshalb haben wir das Projekt „Learn German to work in Germany“ aufgelegt.

Within the framework of this project, the interested parties are first prepared linguistically and culturally for their subsequent stay in Germany and then put in touch with selected employers in Germany according to their professional qualifications.

The focus is on permanent employment and vocational training in Germany. For students, however, we also take care of holiday jobs for up to three months during the semester break, in order to facilitate a later move to Germany and to shorten the settling-in phase.

We selected the Nexus International University in the Ugandan capital Kampala as the first university partner for the project "Learn German to work in Germany" and concluded a cooperation agreement.

Further collaborations for this staff project were signed with Nkumba University in Entebbe, Victoria University in Kampala and Riara University in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

Agreements with other universities in Kenya and Uganda are well advanced in preparation and will be concluded shortly.

Group photo after the first information meeting: Jörg Schäfer (AWL) together with professors and student representatives from Nkumba University in Entebbe.

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